The GOG platform on PC is known for its huge repertoire of retro and modern games all without any form of DRM (Digital Rights Management). Its library is expanding today with a former PlayStation exclusive, with Sony today surprise adding Days Gone onto the store, just in time for Halloween.

The GOG store has now begun selling the Bend Studios-developed zombie action game Days Gone. Much like all its other products on the store, this version of the game is completely DRM-free, meaning no copy protection or online services, which are normally associated with modern PC games, are attached.

For those unfamiliar with Days Gone, the title puts players into a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic setting. Taking the role of Deacon and his ever-reliable motorcycle, the open world title has players searching for his lost wife Sarah, and a mystery surrounding her disappearance. Deacon is going up against massive undead hordes and gun-toting living enemies in the title, while also conserving fuel and scavenging for equipment.

There are some upgrades in the PC version compared to the original PlayStation release too, with ultra-wide monitor support, uncapped frame rates, and upgraded graphics that bump up the level of detail, draw distances, and other aspects.



Sony, being a relatively recent arrival to the PC gaming space with its trove of PlayStation exclusives, has only released one game previously on GOG. That was Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, which arrived to the DRM-free platform back in November 2020, only a few short months after its Steam and Epic Games Store debut.

However, Days Gone originally arrived to PC platforms in May, 2021. It’s unclear what’s taken so long to get a GOG port this time, and if there are any more plans to bring PlayStation titles to the platform in the future.

The GOG store’s 2023 Halloween Sale has just kicked off too, which knocks down Days Gone’s price to $16.49 thanks to a 67% launch discount. Featuring over 3300 deals for DRM-free games, the Halloween Sale will run through November 1.


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