Digital signatures have transformed the performance of personal and business transactions making operations more convenient. Imagine being emailed a report that requires you to sign. You could opt to print and sign and later examine and email it back. Luckily, there is a better and faster alternative. You do not have to go through all the hassle of printing. So, if you are interested in electronically signing PDF documents and not go through printing and scanning, keep reading to find out how. It is more convenient to place your signature on a PDF report and ensure it is usable and perusable at any place. It is something you can do on several devices.

With digitalization, eSign has become widely accepted and is getting incorporated into the systems of most companies. Most people expect them whenever they send any document that requires signing. But how do you go on about the exercise? It makes sense to look at other options. Check the following methods because they are considerably faster;

For Windows devices

Please note that Adobe Reader comes with many features and even allows users to add their signature on PDF documents digitally. But, how does the software automate the signing process? First, after opening the contract, you should see a button in the app’s right pane. It is easy to develop your signature from the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do is click on the sign button.

The digital program offers three simple ways of designing a signature. You can choose to create your impression by simply typing your name. The software will automatically convert whatever you type into a signature. However, using this method is not secure because the aftermath will not resemble your actual password. Alternatively, you could choose to sign by drawing using a mouse or touchscreen device. The third option involves scribbling an impression on a piece of paper. Afterwards, please take a picture of the paper contents, then scan and upload it onto the electronic program.

When deciding on an option that will suit your needs, consider your preferences and find it convenient and safe.

For Mac devices

For these devices, use the Preview app to open and view the file. Usually, there is a sign where you click to begin creating a signature. The top menu is where you can find this feature. Ensure you understand the requirements and only go for a signature that resembles yours or is secure.

For Android devices

Creating and placing an impression on these gadgets should not be a massive challenge. Start by opening the file and clicking on the pin icon to explore alternative options. Select the choice that involves filling and signing for signature addition. Other alternatives include using drawings, if possible, or typing your name and awaiting its automatic conversion into a signature without having the luxury of being in control over the sign that you will end up using. Choose an option you feel is preferable.

For iOS devices

All Apple products sync with each other. If you have used Mac to create and sign documents at any point in the past, expect it to sign in to your iOS device automatically. This feature eliminates the need for recreation, and thus one saves time and effort. However, the markup will help you in the designing of a suitable signature for your file. This feature is more straightforward, especially for that to arrive in your email. Clicking is the first thing that is needed. Next, select the reply option after opening the PDF. Place your signature and then press the done button. Remember this method is plausible when signing through email. Forms from other sources require third-party apps.

Digitalization is eliminating the need for printing and scanning documents during PDF signing processes. Depending on the device, you should find a reliable alternative that is much faster, especially when dealing with many documents daily. When everything seems to get digitized, the use of technology in signing cannot be left behind. There are so many benefits of automated operations. Anyone can learn how to finalize processes electronically to eliminate the issues associated with traditional paper-based handwritten methods.



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