Microsoft Designer is expanding its reach beyond the web and Windows. The company quietly posted a beta version of Microsoft Designer for Android in the Google Play Store last week.



The Google Play Store listing for the beta version of the app (via MSPoweruser) may not be visible yet on all Android smartphones. While we found the listing while searching on the web version of the store, we were unable to find a listing for the app on our own Android smartphone. It’s possible Microsoft is limited access to the Designer beta app to a select number of devices.

Microsoft Designer was first announced in October 2022 as a new design tool powered by generative AI features, It finally launched as a public preview version on the web in April 2023. In August, Microsoft Designer was added as an integrated part of Microsoft’s Edge browser.

As with the web versions, the Android app has been developed to allow users to create graphic art designs by just typing in a few text prompts and then allowing its generative AI features to create the content. You can use it to create things like blog posts, websites, digital postcards, and more.

The Android version of the app is also designed to make it easier to not only create content but to share it across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more with just one tap on your smartphone or tablet.

If you can access the beta version of the Android app, you can use it for free on your Microsoft account. However, Microsoft has already hinted that when the public preview of Designer ends, the company may charge extra for accessing certain features.

Speaking of which, Microsoft has also said it will add additional features to Designer in the future, including a way to quickly replace a background in an image with another one.


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