The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many people to be strong. Not all people worldwide suffer from a severe effect of the pandemic, but all have the same fear. That’s why staying at home is the simplest solution that everyone can do to help stop the spread of the virus. Going out should only be limited to getting necessities, such as food and medicine. 


However, staying at home might be so monotonous, repetitive, and boring. You do the same thing every day in the same place. It’s understandable for people who have been staying at home for a couple of months now. However, you still have many things to do at home that will surely kill your boredom. 


Your smartphones will provide you with tons of choices to help you out survive this pandemic. Read the details below to see the must-have mobile apps that are worth keeping in your smartphone during this pandemic. 

PDF Reader

The PDF Reader app is for people who love reading electronic books. Reading is one of the most stimulating activities that will give you so much fun and will consequently sharpen your memory. If you have favorite eBooks that you want to share the titles to your friends on social media, you better convert pdf to jpg because files in jpg are ideal for online uploads.


You have many options for the genre of ebooks available online. Horror, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, love story, and many other exciting book genres are the choices you might find interested in reading. Also, ebooks are files in PDF format that consume little storage of your device, so it’s suitable for your smartphones. 


Hence, you can read as many eBooks as you can anytime and anywhere. You surely won’t notice that time runs so much when you get hooked to the book you’re reading. 


Listening to music has been considered as one of the most relaxing activities that you can do. It lightens your mood and gives good vibes. Spotify will provide you with thousands of music and will give you access to each one. Different types of music are available in the app. It could be rock music, hip hop, pop, folk music, and even the classic songs to the new ones are available in the app.


Spotify is one of the mobile apps that anyone should have in their smartphone, especially during this pandemic. When you feel stressed and the day seemed so hard on you, you can pour a considerable amount of wine into your glass while playing your favorite music. It’ll surely soothe your emotion and mind. Therefore, make sure to install this app on your phone as your alternative option of relieving your stress. 


Watching movies is the most common activity that you can do at home. It’s a usual way of bonding and creating memories together among all family members. Hence, Netflix is a perfect app for everyone since it gives you access to thousands of movies around the world. You can access Netflix on your computer, smart tv, and other devices that can connect to the internet. 


You can also access Netflix through your smartphones. Hence, it’s more handy and convenient to watch your favorite movies with your earphones put on. It offers you many genres of films based on your interest. The local movies from other countries are also available using their national language, but English subtitles are provided so that everyone can understand. 


Many people face different forms of challenges nowadays due to the pandemic. It could be emotional, mental, physical, and even financial hardships that cause people stress and problem. However, the things discussed above are helpful and beneficial for everyone in coping with the everyday struggle that life may bring. Always be strong, and make sure to have these mobile apps on your smartphone to help you anytime unload your stress if you think it's too much to bear. Take a break to watch your favorite movies, listen to your best-loved music, and read books of your choice.



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