Online dating has become a part of the new norm since the pandemic. Tinder recently took a shot at shaking it up by introducing the Blind Date feature back in February 2022. It was a feature that aimed to boost matches by up to 40%. It bypassed the swiping challenge and took users straight to the inbox.

This time around, Tinder is introducing the Matchmaker. According to its survey, about 75% of single people talk about their dating life with friends more than once a month. Tinder is adding a “Friend Test” sort of teamwork to ease the process of getting tips and nods. Users can invite their friends or family to access Tinder to provide recommendations.

In this mode, the invited wingman can swipe using your profile and when you are on your phone. Approved candidates will have a note of approval banner on top of the cards. Instead of handing your phone over to friends, now they can be your wingman remotely, without swiping on your behalf. The seal of approval can be useful for more than 75% of people who discuss their dating life with friends.

Here’s How Tinder Matchmaker Works:

A Tinder Matchmaker session can be started directly from a profile card, or within app settings. Users can share their unique link with up to 15 friends in a 24 hour period.

After following the link, the matchmaker can either log in to Tinder or continue as a guest (after completing an age verification prompt and agreeing to Tinder’s terms as outlined).

Matchmakers have 24 hours to play cupid before the session expires, where they can recommend profiles for the Tinder user but won’t be able to chat or send messages on their behalf.

Once the session expires, Tinder users will have the opportunity to review the profiles their matchmakers’ Like for them. Profiles that received a Like from a matchmaker will be marked as a “recommendation” (profiles sent a Nope won’t change).

The Tinder user still makes the final call on who to Like – but now knows who their friends are rooting for.

For now, this feature is available only in 15 countries: the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Previously Tinder introduced AI-based video selfie verification to curb catfishes.

Source: Tinder


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