Do you have a basic certificate?
Do you know how to park a bus?
What can you park in narrow places ?!
So install this game so that you can test your skills!
Save money and buy a new bus so you can park faster
Benz bus, Volvo, Scania Which one do you like? Buy it and see if you can park it.
You can update the speed and pheromone of the bus with the power pole to park more easily
There are more than 36 stages and missions, each of which you have to park the bus in a special way to open the next stages.
Stay tuned for newer buses and stages inside the city and on the road
Note: To run the game better, you need a strong phone and it does not run on weak phones
Note: The game graphics are set to minimum on all phones, if your phone model is high, you can set the game graphics to maximum from the settings menu.



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