Over the last decades, online gambling has gone through unprecedented success. And one of the main reasons for it is the incredible development of live casino technology. These days, you can play your favorite games with a real dealer in front of you, distantly. No matter if you are at home or anywhere else you only need a suitable device and a strong Internet connection. As a result, live casino games became a preferred way for relaxation or just to pass a few hours. Especially during the current COVID-19 lockdown!


Playing environment.


Live casino brings together the authentic experience of the brick-and-mortar classic halls and online gambling. You will feel like in Las Vegas while actually sitting on the couch at home. To blend those two realities, software companies use advanced 3D technology and some smart methods. In fact, everything is possible to be recreated and all depends on the casino and player’s preferences. In this regard, many platforms use blue screen technology in order to design the perfect live casino environment according to the chosen game variation. You may find yourself sitting in a luxury VIP lounge, in the middle of the casino floor or in a private saloon. 


On the other hand, technologies allow additional features to be included in order to help gamblers to receive more information. For example, by adding a few monitors behind the croupier, brands can launch information like game rules, betting odds, promotions and many others. Thus you will get useful tips and companies can arrange cross-sales.


Moreover, today’s immersive gameplay requires wider control of players to increase their satisfaction. Because of that, best live online casinos have implemented multiple cameras around the table. Thus you can follow the whole action from many different angles. Possibilities are limitless and fully customizable. You can focus on various elements like cards, roulette wheel, betting zone and the croupier. Furthermore, close-ups and slow-motion effects create suspense and add value to players’ experience. For instance, imagine the moment while you are playing live roulette and the movement of the ball slows down when it is about to land. Truly incredible, isn’t it?


Live casino dealers


Another very important reason for the success of the live casino project is the involvement of a real person to manage the game. The live dealer turns out to be the missing link between online and land-based gambling. You will agree that it is much more satisfying to be able to communicate with another man or a woman instead of just clicking on buttons. Moreover, if you need guidance or assistance you can also ask the person in front of you. Thus you will feel less frustrated and even if you lose all your chips can be a reason to come back. 


Modern online casino websites strive to provide high-quality service in order to attract and keep more gamblers. And in this regard, professional and well-trained croupiers can help a lot. You and every other player most probably feel more secured to gamble on a real table instead of against an RNG. Moreover, the whole process is a lot more realistic and creates a feeling of fair game.


In addition, live dealer  tables provide better opportunities. For example, high-rollers can go wild. If you are such a player, you’ll quickly find out that in the VIP live dealer roulette or blackjack rooms you can place larger bets. Casual players often play with between one and a few dollars, and that’s why on many occasions there are pot limits. However, the live casino allows you in certain cases to participate in a few thousand dollars games. Bigger the risk, bigger the winnings!


Live casino opportunities


These days, all casino classics are available in live versions. Some operators create a virtual setting while others organize a direct stream from land-based halls. You can experience multiple variants of live blackjack, roulette and poker. 


Furthermore, look for special promotions and incentives. You can take advantage of lucrative bonuses upon registration and after a deposit. Additionally, some gambling operators like LV BET, return a certain amount of your first bet in the form of a cashback. In other words, if you play live baccarat for example, and lose that particular website promises to return you 20 euro.


Identically, a live casino bonus is often available for games of chance like bingo and keno. A good approach could be to spend some time and do research before choosing where to play.




To sum up, there are plenty of reasons to play live casino. Almost all disadvantages have been removed and overall experience is now brought as close as possible to the authentic casino play. Dealers will definitely do their best in order to make you feel comfortable and stay longer. After all, you are the one this whole industry operates for. 



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