Cricket is the second most loved sport in the world after football. Does this make betting on cricket popular? Take the example of India: Cricket is very popular in India and has a huge fanbase. Betting is a way by which people show their love and support for the sport. This has made cricket betting as popular as the sport itself.

How Cricket’s Fanbase has made cricket betting popular

In India, cricket has a huge fan base of people of all ages. It’s apparent because of the different cricket camps and tournaments throughout the country. Also, as you walk down the street, you will see children everywhere playing and enjoying the game. Having the sport this popular also makes cricket betting popular as well. The popularity of cricket betting can be seen in the massive number of new registrations bookmarkers get each month. Mostly this happens during the IPL season as it’s a tournament followed by many people worldwide.

People in India place their wagers online even though betting is illegal. People do this to show support to players and their favourite teams. However, there’s a group of professional bettors who place large amounts of money. These bettors take betting as a career that helps them in paying the bills. So, they put in the effort and have mastered the art, and are making huge amounts of money.

The rapid growth in the betting industry has contributed to more people getting into the scene. In online cricket betting, gamers can place a bet anywhere, anytime, through their computers, cricket betting. Therefore, players where they can play as they enjoy the game. All they need to do is read reviews online and find the bookmarker with the best odds.

Main reasons cricket betting is popular

As mentioned, cricket is widespread, leading to the popularity of cricket betting as well. Today, thousands of online cricket betting sites are available to facilitate this. What are the reasons behind the popularity of cricket betting?

Easily accessible to fans

Not everyone can watch live cricket matches either because they cannot afford the tickets or they are too far away. So, betting is the only way they can feel part of the game. They can support and enjoy the game by betting and making some money. They can bet on their phones or other devices, which is convenient and easily accessible.

Safe online betting

In India, offline and online betting can cause trouble, as it’s illegal. However, people still bet on the best casinos in India because the process is smooth and secure. The casinos have invested in the right technology to ensure the safety of players. In addition, they also offer a variety of options to pick from to everyone’s preferences. They cater to beginners and betting gurus who take betting as a career.

Increase in betting platforms

Each day, more and more betting sites are available to cricket fans to place their wagers. The increase in these sites is because of the continuous growth of the fanbase. This provides various options for people who want to bet to choose from and get one that suits them best. With the increase, betting companies are offering better experiences for their clients. This ensures the market is competitive as everyone is trying to win consumers.

Mass support

Cricket has massive supporters in India and worldwide. Therefore, online betting is a way for these fans to support their favourite players and teams. For instance, India has the highest number of cricket fanatics, and their national team is among the best worldwide. So, anytime they are playing against high stake teams such as Pakistan, the betting stakes and odds increase. People watch such matches with high anticipation and place bets to show their loyalty.


Fans watch cricket for the love they have for the game, players and teams. They also do it to experience the thrill and be part of something big. When people get together, they can talk about the highlights of the game to distract them from their lives. This creates excitement as fans can place their wagers, hoping to win.


If a sport has a huge fan base, this means bookmarkers do everything to attract bettors. In India, people don’t need to go to betting shops. They can easily access the bookies online on their devices anywhere. Today, it’s easy for punters to access their sites because bookies have made them mobile-friendly. In addition, there are many alternatives they offer when placing their bets.

As mentioned, cricket has deep roots in India, and so is betting. Cricket fans in India love the sport to the point they view cricketers like mini gods. Whenever these players go, you can hear people scream their names. Through cricket betting, fanatics and newbies have time to support their teams as they express their passion. The beauty of this is as they enjoy it, they also make money. It’s okay to say that cricket betting is popular as the sport itself.