What most of us think of when we hear the words video games today is top-notch graphics, great narratives, and wildly complex gameplay, all things that were quite rare back in the day. Gaming has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but the one thing that always stays the same is the incredible entertainment value it brings. That being said, not all games were created equal, and not all genres were created equal. There’s a reason why particular types of games always manage to occupy the top spots around the globe, and here are the top few you should always watch out for.

Casino Games

Casino games are some of the oldest games in existence that are still popular today. Thanks to the rise of online casinos, it’s now easy to get access to a plethora of entertaining games that you can play for free or for real money. Online casinos are packed with a lot of variety. From classic table games like Blackjack and Poker to modern themed slots, there’s something for everyone. The heavy hitters here are the online slots. Packed with great visuals, creative themes, and highly rewarding features, they’re fan-favorites for a reason.

Of course, this doesn’t discredit all of the other innovations online casino games bring to the table. Live Casino games for example are another very popular option. These games use live streaming tech to offer a much more immersive experience than what you’d get with your run of the mill online Roulette or Poker game.


It’s safe to say that MMORPGs were pioneers in online multiplayer gaming. With popular titles like World of Warcraft and Runescape making rounds in the early 2000s, players across the globe got a chance to enter mystical new worlds where they could be whoever they wanted. Better yet, they got a chance to interact with other players no matter where they came from, and explore a massive open world filled with endless opportunities. MMORPGs without a doubt belong in the classic category of games that everyone should be able to recognize.

Not a long has changed with MMORPGs today besides massively improved visual upgrades. These games are still some of the most-played games out there and now come in droves. Players can pick and choose between a ton of great options that all bring something unique to the table. What’s better, some top-notch MMORPGs are now also available on mobile!


MOBAs have been insanely popular from the start, but now they’ve taken things a step further by practically supporting the entire eSports scene! These fun strategy-based games that pit two teams against each other got their start when DOTA made a massive boom back in the day. It didn’t take long for new titles in the genre to come out, and not long after League of Legends reached the top of the ranks as the most played game in the world for several years running! The numbers don’t lie, so if you’re looking for a genre with action at every turn, MOBAs are a go-to.

Horror Games

There’s no doubt that horror games are classics. All of us love a good scare to get our blood pumping once in a while, these games give us that in the most immersive way possible. From games massive franchises like resident evil to iconic gems like Amnesia, the last few decades are painted with incredible horror games that never fail to set up a great premise and make gameplay interesting. While their popularity has turned out to be somewhat shaky throughout the years, it’s never hard to find at least a dozen top-quality horror games in the bunch every year.


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