Telegram proxy is the most secure and reliable app that let you pick a fast proxy for connecting to Telegram.
Every thing in Telegram proxy is very simple, the only thing you should do is to open this app, pick a proxy then enjoy a fast connection.

In the Telegram Proxy application, all Telegram proxies will be automatically searched for you and will be displayed to you. With Telegram Proxy, you will no longer need Telegram proxy channels to connect to Telegram. This application shows you all the healthy Telegram proxies in a decentralized way.

With this Telegram Proxy application, you do not need to use a filter breaker or vpn to connect to Telegram. Because you can connect to a proxy at any time. vpn slows down your phone’s internet speed, so you do not need to use vpn to connect to Telegram with this application.

In the Telegram Proxy application, we are not a proxy maker. Rather, this application shows you Telegram proxies. So if one proxy does not work for you, please try other proxies.

this is an UNOFFICIAL app that have telegram Proxy.
This is an UNOFFICIAL app integrating the circumvention that bypass censorship and will never get censored again.



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