Special Force Online is an advance multiplayer firstperson game. this game is very polished, using the latest technologies with high efficiency and performance, great and professional UI using UGUI, player animations, you got a lot of options to customize to your taste and needed in the game, you have 3 different game modes in the core of game: Free for All, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag, play matches with other players and or bots, have 4 player classes that you can modify to your taste, 8 different types of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, Molotov, Grenade Gun and Knife,good graphics, the main point of this game is that the player have the freedom to change as they want.
this game one of the best and most complete multiplayer fps game in the world.

Why Special Force Online?

If you are looking for an advanced and professional multiplayer fps game with a huge basis and advance features, this is your best option, in addition to the large number of features that the core game comes with, there are other game around but none of them compares to Special Force Online, starting by the number of features available in Special Force Online, but also some of the other game focus only on the fps systems but not multiplayer implementation or bad multiplayer implementation with poor performance, and the game that focus on multiplayer just have a few basic features with pretty bad gameplay and UI, which make you feel bad, with Special Force Online you feel good with game, the game has been in development for more than 1 years now with an optimized multiplayer implementation implacable.

Feature List:

3 game modes: Team Deathmatch – Free For All – Capture of Flag.
Player team system.
New Shooter AI.
New Party with bots and real player all sync over network.
New Team Voice chat.
Private and Public match
Player Class, 4 kinds of players Class with different characteristics (Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon)
7 different kind of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, Molotov and Knife Advanced weapon system
Friend List.
Damage Indicator.
Lobby chat
Team selection and AutoTeam selection
Kick Votation System.
Foot IK placement.
Fire types (Auto, Single and SemiAutomatic)
precise synchronization of bullets and positions
Fall Damage.
Player room kick
Server statistics, total players, total rooms, ping
Health regeneration option
KillFeed Corner (WhoKilledWho)
Room time limit
Ladder System
IK hand position
Head shot detection.
Bullet trail option.
AFK detection.
Max Kill room limit
weapon Fov option in play time
Max allowed player ping to join in a room
Draw Name Above Head.
Player footstep.
Object Pooling system.
Graphic menu settings
Multiplayer in room chat
Smooth weapon Movements when is running
Weapon pick up system over network
Throw gun after death
Ammo and medic kit throwing
Kill Camera.
Network stats.
Team mate health bar UI.
UGUI Crosshair
Advance Heat look with IK support
Animated Hit marker
Spawn hand effect indicator
Friendly fire options
Switch team in mid room
Push to talk or auto voice detection.
AAA Graphic
Graphic menu settings
High performance.
Mobile Controller.
Login System.
Level System.
Clan System.
Class Customization.
Weapon Customization.
Kill Streak Notifier
Player Selector.
Input Manager.
Compass Bar.
Cover Point (Game Mode).
Bomb Defuse (Game Mode).
Gun Race (Game Mode).



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