Newgen is an application that brings the new Metro UI to your desktop. 
It is a set of live widgets that shows some content from the web and some from your PC. 
Newgen supports WPF, HTML5, and HTML widgets. 

Features (In-Built)
Ability to launch apps in one click.
Ability to launch website in one click.
Ability to add your desired widgets, apps, links in one place.
Experience the new HTML5 websites without any web browser installed in your system.
Replace your traditional desktop with new Metro designed apps.
Experience multi-browsers (IE and Webkit) inside single application.
Get your facebook friends updates and details without opening browser.
And much more with up-coming widgets.
Integrated help.
Tiles Grouping.
Folder pinning.



DeskScapes 8 BETA & Start8 1.10.1 BETA now available!
Sign In Screen Color Changer

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