The Pokki blog reveals that one of the new additions is optimized support for the Start menu and apps for touchscreens. Sweetlabs says, "We’ve made a subtle refresh to the Pokki Menu interface to strike a better balance between clicking and touching, and now you can point, swipe, and scroll with your finger in the Pokki Menu and Pokki apps on your touch-enabled device."

The new version of Pokki has also been reworked so it will look good when used on the higher pixel density displays that will likely be available on a number of Windows 8 PCs later this summer, such as the 3840×2560 display on the upcoming Panasonic 20-inch Windows 8 tablet. The full release notes for the new version are available to check out, which include a number of bug fixes along with adding support for the Unity3D game engine for app developers.



RetroUI released free Start menu for Windows 8
SkinStudio 8 released

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