Get the Start Menu back
The Start menu is back and better than ever! Touch-friendly, pinned favorites, and integrated Metro features make using Windows 8 more efficient and far easier.

Skip the Start screen
Not excited about being forced to use the new Windows 8 start screen (Metro) interface? RetroUI allows you to bypass this and immediately start the classic desktop at every login.
Eliminate the confusion of Windows 8
RetroUI allows you to see the Taskbar and Start button while the Windows 8 Start screen and when Apps are running. Users no longer need to rely on hidden Hotcorners and can simply click the taskbar or Start button to return to the classic desktop.
Run Windows Store apps in a window
RetroUI’s Enforce™ technology resizes Windows Store apps so that the taskbar and start button are visible. Users can easily toggle apps between resizable and full-screen.
Introducing TabletView
Easily organize your favorites. A single click allows you to open Documents, classic Windows software, Popular websites, Windows Store Apps, and more…

Download for Win8

Download fro Win Server


Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner

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