We know that there are many of you who have no desire to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7. We also know that if you use Windows 7 you are likely drooling over the Windows 8 task manager, as it is light-years ahead of what Windows 7 currently offers.
If you want to get a flavor of that task manager in Windows 7, hit the source link below as Neowin forum member Hanrui has posted download links to the task manager that he is currently creating for Windows 7. We should note that the application is not fully stable yet, so you may encounter a few issues when using the program.

The good news here is that this task manager does not replace the existing task manager in Windows 7, so you can install the application without fear of nuking your current task manager. 
The name of the file is DBCTaskman and if that name sounds familiar, it's because this is the same person who created the DBCShell.exe with Vista like clock for XP many years ago.

Download: DBCTaskman x64 | x86


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