Start button and start menu belong to Windows 8!
You cannot find the start menu of Windows 8? No wonder, as Microsoft did not adopt the start button, which was traditionally placed at an exposed position on the task bar, for Windows 8; instead, they now rely completely on the new Metro start screen. Official explanation: hardly any users use the start button and the start menu. 
Get back your much-loved habits and attach a bit of Windows 7 nostalgia to your brand-new Windows 8. With our “Win8Starter” software you use start button and start menu as desired: directly on the task bar of the new Windows and always quickly available.

Some of the most important Win8Starter functions
The familiar start button and a start menu are available again on the Windows 8 desktop!
Like in the past: Expand your Win8Starter menu easily per "Drag & Drop" by your own program links.
List of most frequently applied programs and functions. All program entries can be moved and arranged anew.
Also included: Your familiar user folders and the direct links to system folder and –functions like ‘Documents‘, ‘My Pictures‘, ‘My Music‘ ‚ ‘Computer‘, ‘Control Panel‘ and ‘Printers and Devices’.
No complicated switch-off of Windows 8! Select as usual and directly via the start menu between the options like ‘Shut down‘, ‘Lock‘ and ‘Restart‘.
Lists all the installed programs and all the applications available under Windows 8
All the programs and files that the user requires become faster and more directly accessible!
All functions can be adjusted conveniently via the Win8Starter settings dialogue, among them the fade-in and fade-out of start menu buttons! The dialogue offers nearly all the settings options that you know from older Windows versions.
Full text search with intelligent pre-search, which in most cases shows the results under the installed programs and documents when entering a term.
Furthermore, (compared to Windows 7 start menu) you can add the following useful Windows programs to the button bar: Calculator, Editor, Paint, Task manager, Registry Editor, CMD, Adaptive, System information, System configuration, Explorer and Remote Desktop connection.
Win8Starter is no hack! Win8Starter runs as separate program instance; no system files or registry entries are configured, deleted or changed.
Uniform look: Win8Starter automatically adjusts to the set window color of Windows 8.
Available languages: English, German. More coming soon.
Restrictions of the free version: no settings; no automatic adjustment of menu color; no possibility to add your own shortcuts.



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