Supercharge your Windows® experience with WindowFX™!
Revolutionize your operating system with WindowFX. Utilize an unprecedented number of special effects for your windows and maximize your computing.
30+ NEW animations to choose from
Add the "Wobbly windows" effect for a fun touch    
Regain focus of what is really important

Animate your windows and menus
Pick the animated effects you want to use when the start menu and normal menus open and close, or when windows open, close, minimize, restore and even move!
Automatically resize windows
WindowFX™ provides a number of time-saving window management features such as screen border resizing, window border maximizing, and window shake.
Add new options to the system menu
Set "always on top" state, transparency and pick from predefined window sizes all from the window right click menu.
Alter inactive windows
Make the active window stand out, make inactive windows fade away, and automatically minimize background windows.
Add inertia to windows movement
Add "window flick" actions to movements, fade windows when moving, and add momentum so you can throw windows around your monitors.
Hide icons or icon text with one click
Reduce desktop clutter by hiding your desktop icons until you really need them, and get the full enjoyment of your desktop wallpaper.



WMP Library Background Changer
Launchy The Open Source Keystroke Launcher

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